E.ON Cranbrook and Skypark Energy Centre

Client: E.ON Cranbrook and Skypark Energy Centre


E.ON’s  £3 million energy centre will provide power for a business estate and a new town in east Devon. The building will provide heat and hot water for the Skypark business estate and the town of Cranbrook,near Exeter.

The 30.000 sq ft building, the first of its kind in the South West, is being developed jointly with regeneration specialist St Modwen at the £210 million Skypark development to the north of Exeter Airport.

On target to be producing heat by spring 2013, the E.ON facility will serve as the energy hub for a ground-breaking district heating network that will provide a substantial and cost-effective source of energy to businesses at Skypark and homes at the neighbouring community of Cranbrook. Ultimately the energy centre will house efficient combined heat and power engines which will provide heat and hot water 24 hours a day to both developments, with surplus electricity generated being fed back into the national grid.

The energy centre will be fuelled at first by natural gas but will develop over time to run on waste wood biomass. When fully operational the district heating system serving Skypark is expected to  reduce carbon emissions by over 80% compared to traditional gas heating.

At Cranbrook, approximately 2,900 homes will be fuelled through the first phase of residential development. The system could provide an estimated 13,000 tonnes of CO2 savings per year,the equivalent of removing 5,200 cars from the road. It will potentially make Cranbrook one of the largest low carbon communities in the UK to deliver Combined Heat and Power to all residents.

Smedegaard Pumps were asked by E.ON Energy Solutions Limited to provide a suitable Pressurisation set for the heating system. With a 90°C flow temperature, 6 bar System Pressure and a System volume of over 660,000 litres a Pressurisation set from the SpillPress range was considered to be the most suitable.

The Smedegaard SpillPress units are designed specifically for large system water volumes and offer a compact solution to the control of expansion in larger heating systems. Smedegaard offer  Compact,Modular or Bespoke units. The Bespoke units are designed and built especially to the customers requirements.

The E.ON energy centre required a Bespoke unit and consisted of a large 2.5 metres long x 2.5 metres wide x 2.5 metres high Stainless Steel Spill tank with two piece lid and the necessary controls. The unit also consisted of a triple vertical multistage,inverter driven  pump set, control equipment, and interconnecting, pipework all  mounted on a common baseplate.

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